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By SG Elite, 11/12/19, 3:35PM PST


17 Elite & 14 Elite wrap up SCVA Qualifiers with Top 8 finishes!

17 Elite celebrates their SCVA D1 Qualification in Anaheim, CA!

17 Elite was able to grind out an SCVA D1 berth after finishing first in a 3-way tie at Qualifier 3. 

“It’s a huge accomplishment for a 17’s team to start play in 18’s D1. It really shows how talented this group is,” said head coach Joel Brinton. 

The boys of 17 Elite came out hot, recording easy 2-set victories against SMBC South 18 Adidas and 949 18 White. 

“We served the ball really well today and our offense continues to get more and more dialed in as the season goes on. But aside from the volleyball, I’m learning that this group is truly competitive. They like to scrap, and they know they can beat anybody. I feel lucky to get to coach these guys,” added Brinton. 

The final match of the day came against top-seeded Legacy. And even though the boys of 17 Elite came up just short, they battled, clawed and scrapped point after point, securing a first-place finish in a 3-way tie, and earning the right to play with the top 8 teams in Southern California. 

“Getting there is one thing. Staying there is another. Look forward to competing with these boys,” finished Brinton. 


14 Elite went undefeated in the final SCVA Qualification tournament, also securing the right to play with the Top 8 teams in Southern California. 

“Serve and pass. Can you say it with me, folks? Serve and pass. It doesn’t matter the level, that’s what it’s about. Ball control. And I thought the team did an incredible job of out-serving and out-passing most of the teams we’ve played so far. Makes me proud of them,” said head coach Ken Carter. 

The boys of 14 Elite made quick work of three local rivals in Coast, Forza, and 949. And it’s no secret how they were able to accomplish such a feat. Say it with Coach Ken, folks---serve and pass. 

“It’s really amazing to see a group of young players develop so quickly. I feel like they’ve gotten so much better in such a short period of time. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds for them. They work hard,” noted a smiling coach Carter.